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    If you receive email from a Microsoft server, there is a good chance that it will contain some sort of ‘Notification’ button. That ‘Notification’ button will look something like this:

    It’s the ‘Notification’ button that will show up that makes the most difference. The majority of Windows computers have a ‘System Notifications’ option which is the same thing as ‘System Notifications’ on a Macintosh computer. So, if your computer does not have this option it will be that ‘Notification’ button which will turn into a link to download the latest update for your system. This process is called ‘auto-update’. I say ‘auto-update’, because it is NOT automatic. It’s actually not safe and it’s not recommended to run it on your computer without making sure that you can trust the updates it’s trying to put onto your computer. If the Windows updates are not safe for your computer, the next step will be quite dangerous as the Windows operating system will install a series of files onto your computer that will make it vulnerable to security vulnerabilities.

    The ‘system notifications’ option should only ever be used when you actually know you want to use it. All Windows systems will use a program called ‘MSIE Fix’ to check for new system software. It checks for updates every fifteen minutes or whenever there is a change to the Windows system and installs any changes it finds. If you check to see if your system has this system software, it will install it automatically.

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