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    Most of the times, Support for Windows is performed by using the Microsoft support. When it comes to what exactly a Microsoft support is and how to troubleshoot it, it is very important to know that this support can be performed by any hardware or software owner and not just by IT. Whenever there is a Windows trouble shooting service available from Microsoft, the support team will come over and check on the same to see if the same is being processed properly. Since the support process is completely separate from the Windows Troubleshooting Service, it would always be best to keep a backup copy of your configuration files so that you can go back to them in case of any error messages. It is also always important to understand that a backup of all of your data is always the best remedy to an emergency situation.

    In the past, the Microsoft Troubleshooting Service was only accessible for managing issues related to Windows XP. However, with the introduction of the Windows Vista and the recent introduction of the Windows 7, the support process has been moved to be operated by IT professionals rather than the user. It is always important to note that the Windows Vista Troubleshooting Service is mainly targeted at Windows Vista users, as these are the two most prevalent types of Windows operating systems. The Windows Vista Troubleshooting Service will let the IT professional know which hardware or software is not working correctly and how to properly correct them. Since this support is mainly applicable to the users of Windows Vista, it is very important that the users who have come from other versions of Windows should not contact the Support team when there is a Windows Vista issue. In this way, the support team will be able to know which hardware or software is not working properly and therefore they are able to find the problem more quickly and solve it.

    When it comes to the Windows Support Team, the main focus is towards Windows Vista but this support process can be used for all versions of Windows. Therefore, it would always be important to follow the steps that are mentioned on the Microsoft website and try to resolve any problems that may arise as quickly as possible. This is one of the best ways to ensure that the error messages that the support team will be seeing are relevant to the Windows operating system that you are using.

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