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    Is this your first time being a victim of Ie 8.0.6 and 8.0.7 Windows 7 or XP SP3 Support? If it is, you must be well aware of the fact that Microsoft Service Packs updates for the base operating system and for other components is extremely vital. In this regard, you must have a sound knowledge of the process to be followed in order to install or uninstall Microsoft Service Packs Updates for your computer. This tutorial will help you get familiar with the major issues that you need to consider before being able to download and install the updates.

    Ie updates do not always take effect immediately and you might find it sometime that after your first installation, you are not able to view the Internet Explorer. The reason behind this might be the IE Host. Although there is a change, Microsoft’s Windows XP and IE Updates create a different host; so, it takes a bit longer for IE to resolve itself. You will not experience this at home when you use the internet, but it does happen to many people in big companies. If you want to know how to resolve this issue, please read the next part of this tutorial to know more about it.

    After installing the Windows XP SP3 Support and Ie Updates, run the Internet Explorer and verify that it still shows the white-side-up page. If it still shows that way, there is a chance that the issue still remains. Once you are sure that your internet browser still shows the « white-side-up » page, please run the Windows Update Agent and then run the IE 8.0.6 or 8.0.7 updates to install the changes to the windows updating software. You will have to wait for the changes to propagate to the browser. Please remember that if you run these two updates, you will not be able to uninstall the updates manually or you might end up with the same issue as mentioned above. If the issue still persists, please use the help file that comes with the update to solve the problem.

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