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    Microsoft offers support for Ie8 Windows Server 2020 R2 operating systems. Microsoft’s official blog says: « Supporting new versions of Microsoft software means we get the latest technology to help customers and partners integrate Microsoft software into the environment. » This is what Microsoft claims is the truth. The truth, however, is somewhat different. If you have ever used a Microsoft product in a critical role, whether it was a server or a client, you have no doubt noticed that there are times when the support you receive may be lacking, even bordering on non-existent. Microsoft is seemingly on its last legs as far as being a dependable company when it comes to providing excellent support.

    If you ever find yourself in a situation where Microsoft refuses to provide you with a reliable technical support organization, do not get upset. In fact, you should continue to use Microsoft products and the support you receive from Microsoft should be enough to keep you up and running. Microsoft is not the problem. The problem is Microsoft, and the fact that Microsoft continues to take massive customer support away from third-party providers of IT support. If you were to do a quick Google search, you would find a multitude of different web sites offering IT support, only to find that many of these companies are Microsoft vendors who offer services to Microsoft clients, who then fail to deliver quality support to non-Microsoft customers, who will usually then tell their friends about how unreliable Microsoft is.

    This goes without saying, but Microsoft has been known to misrepresent the situation on numerous occasions when they are attempting to get software and hardware off the market. Perhaps Microsoft will stop their headlong descent into obscurity by taking their foot off the gas and actually paying attention to the product they have been selling for so long. Without Microsoft, the IT industry as we know it would crumble, as people would start to go to third-party companies for any type of IT support they might need. We have all heard about the problems with Microsoft in the past, but what if they made a change? What if they took a different approach? What if they actually listened to the concerns of people in the IT industry? If you feel that you are stuck with Microsoft when it comes to support, then don’t be afraid to seek out alternatives.

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