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    Live Mailbox needs to be protected at all times, but if you have Exchange Server 2020 you are very lucky as Live Mailbox folder is backed up every week. Live Mailbox folder is actually a Microsoft feature, and it enables you to easily send and receive emails from Microsoft Outlook clients and web mail that reside on your server. Live Mailbox Folder stores every mail that you might receive from your client and this makes your life easier and faster. There are two types of Live Mailbox folder in Microsoft Exchange Server: Personal and Hosted.

    Live Mailbox folder has a separate folder for each client and usually it’s called Outlook and Client Data. Live Mailbox folder is a very useful feature that makes it easy for you to handle your Outlook mail but unfortunately this feature is also its weakness because the Live Mailbox folder needs to be protected every time it’s opened. It’s an open door for hackers who would like to try to gain access to your emails and this is their main goal. When you receive emails from your client they are stored in the Live Mailbox folder which makes it easy for them to find out exactly where the email is and this will allow them to get all your email address.

    A Live Mailbox folder has a separate folder for each Outlook. This means that if you want to recover your email you only need to recover the Outlook folder. If you can’t recover your email it is likely that there will be a conflict in your folder, and you’ll need to rollback to the last working Live Mailbox folder in your server. To perform a Live Mailbox folder recovery you must be running Windows 2020. You will be prompted to open the Recycle Bin before you can use the Recovery Console. Once you are in the Recovery Console, you will need to locate the Live Mailbox folder on your Live Mailbox server.

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