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    Microsoft is very good at their product but when it comes to operating systems the damage is done and they are left without any support for those systems, Microsoft Updates Only is far from the best of the bunch. It’s a shame too, as Windows Defender had a really good reputation for being a really good security product that could take care of itself if a hacker used some of its special features. Well this guy has used all his resources and found some holes in the security that he can exploit to gain access to your system with only some type of personal information he has stored in the system. What to do you say?

    Well the only option is to stay with Microsoft’s antivirus updates only. Microsoft will never be able to prevent the use of their system by hackers but they will still try to be the best and offer you the best level of security possible. This means that they will keep trying to provide the best protection against hacking and phishing to keep you happy and don’t change the source of the problems you are facing. So, in order to keep your computer protected with the best possible level of protection all you have to do is keep on purchasing Microsoft antivirus updates only.

    There is no doubt that if you have ever had the experience of having a system freeze and reboot before you know that they don’t keep up with the times and are unable to fix the problem that they face. Therefore it’s vital that you stay with Microsoft to be on the safe side. Even though they are a great company they need to learn how to keep up with technology and make sure that they provide the same level of support they once did to users. It’s really about time that they changed the system and got rid of the Microsoft Update Only as the last defense against hackers and phishers. Please consider all this.

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