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    In this article I’ll show you how to maximise your website visitors and reduce your competition. There is a new feature in Windows that I recommend to anyone who runs a blog or website and would like to improve their revenue. It’s called « Close Buttons ». This button has been around for ages and is used on a variety of sites, but it has just recently become much more popular and people are starting to realise the potential. Microsoft has just launched a feature in Windows, which makes it easier for people to click on a button that closes the page. I’ve recently found that this new function has been used by hundreds of thousands of websites and I’m going to show you how to maximise your visitors with it.

    Maximise your traffic If you’ve spent any time reading the internet then you’ll know that it’s very hard to get free traffic. You either pay for it or you have to drive visitors from your competition. So what can you do? Well, if you want to get rid of your competition then this function is a godsend. I recommend everyone should use this function, as it makes your website look far more professional websites do far better in Google. If you have a blog and want to get more traffic then this is a great way to increase the traffic and bring in more money.

    It’s easy to make this function work for your website with one small change to your code. You have to change the closing button that opens the window to the word Close, so that it will automatically close when the user clicks it. This takes a few minutes to do, but once you do you’ll find that your pages are being flooded with visitors and you’re getting a ton of clicks, instead of zero clicks. Maximise your visitors and enjoy your traffic!

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