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    The Microsoft Search Enhancement Pack is a new technology introduced to enhance the functionality of Internet Explorer. With this package, you can start searching almost immediately with IE, without leaving the page where you are searching. Microsoft is the creator of Windows and the majority of their products including IE are created in house. Due to this, many popular applications have been created in the Microsoft factory, which has allowed for the creation of numerous software programs, which are often duplicated and sold under different names.

    Support for Windows computers is usually provided by Microsoft in two ways. The first type of support is for critical issues such as updating security patches. The second type of support is for troubleshooting specific problems that may exist with Windows, Microsoft Office applications or Internet Explorer. These support tickets are usually managed through the Microsoft Support Center.

    As you probably know, the standard Microsoft support ticket system only provides technical support. Even though the Support Center has technical support on site, they do not have support for all Microsoft applications. You can still purchase a Microsoft Support Packs which contains a software utility that will get rid of all the technical support tickets that you already have. These packages usually include the most common applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Access. However, if you have additional applications that use the Windows desktop, they may also need to be purchased separately.

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