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    The World Wide Web seems to be a big place with different websites and they all have the same link, and the same Server, even though some of the Web Sites may be new and some of the others may be old. We often forget that the Sys Admins and Network Admins are not the only people that may have the task of repairing the sys and service the computers. The other people are called Support Professionals or Support Technicians. They usually work with Microsoft or other systems like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office, but they can also work with some Net Apps systems.

    Support Professionals usually take care of the maintenance of a system. They first make sure that everything is running smooth, and then they try to determine if there is a problem or not. Since they usually have more time on their hands, they try to find the real cause of the problem, instead of just looking for the symptoms. Sometimes the other people see the error message, but they don’t really know what the problem is, and so they try to find out if it’s actually a real issue or just a false sense of security.

    Support Professionals can provide solutions for the various issues that are faced by their customers. They may also know how to resolve problems that arise through the use of services from Microsoft. There are a lot of places where a Microsoft Support Services may be purchased, but the most important thing to remember is that all Windows Servers needs to be repaired at least once in a while, for example when they experience a « Unintended Rebooting » Error Message.

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