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    Although Windows support has been a critical issue for years, it is only recently that the latest version of Windows has gained the capability to close a webpage that you view while in Windows. Although newer versions of Windows have been able to control internet activities, those who have spent their time seeking out ways to exploit Windows computers have found an escape through the use of Windows exploits. Fortunately, they have come up with a powerful way to control Windows while surfing the internet: using an advanced hacking tool called « Syphon ». Although Syphon has been around for a few years now, it is only recently that it was actually used by hackers to gain access to Windows computers that have been visiting websites that rely on the Windows networking stack. Here are some of the best things you should know about Syphon.

    Unlike many of the other tools available for use in hacking a computer, Syphon was designed to be as « user friendly » as possible. To achieve this, the user interface in Syphon has been designed to make the task of hacking a computer as easy as possible. This has been accomplished through the inclusion of a series of simple and intuitive icons that allow the user to access Syphon’s more advanced features. Some of the functions that are included with Syphon include « Login as user », « New Group », « Find Domain », « Send SMS to domain », « Delete Folder », « View Bookmarks », and « Open ActiveX Controls ». Even if the hacker uses one of these functions, it would not be difficult for them to pick up the basics of the system and gain access to the services that are not included in Syphon.

    Another great feature of Syphon is that it allows the user to navigate through its functionality without any troubles. With the mouse and a few clicks, you can move between each part of the program that you need. For instance, you could view the « History » menu, select a « Command » function, or enter a « new » command. After you finish navigating through the menu, the user will see a dialog box at the bottom that allows them to proceed with either a « Select All »Clear History » option. As you can see, Syphon is a great tool that allows users to gain more control over Windows systems that they visit while surfing the internet.

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